About us

The Warehouse

My name is Ernie. I'm a cabinet maker in Cleveland, Ohio. A long time customer came into the shop and asked if I can get a few Grass 830 hinges to replace his broken ones. "Sure, no problem" I said. After minutes of searching turned into hours, I realized it was a problem. I finally found the hinges he needed.

A few weeks later, another customer came in with the same problem. That's when I decided to pool my resources together and start this website. My goal is to find a solution to your hinge issues and get your cabinets back in operation.

Hinges on this site come from different sources. From cabinet shops going out of business or getting rid of old stock to our remodeling jobs that have the Grass 830 and 839 hinges on the old cabinets. But best resource I have are my customers that take advantage of the 50% rebates when they send their old hinges in. You can find information on the rebates under the replacement hinge listings.

What happens to my old hinges I send in?

I separate the usable from the unusable hinges. The springs and pressure pins are salvaged from the unusable hinges. The usable are cleaned in a solvent with rust inhibitors and inspected for operation. Springs and pressure pins are replaced as needed. A high quality grease is applied to pivot pin, pressure pin and spring ends. The hinges are tested again for operation before final approval. Only 1/3 of the hinges make it through testing and are listed on HingeMeister.

Hinge in the process of being rebuilt with new springs