Grass 830 and 839 Hinge Identification

The mounting plates pictured are 8 of the 17 plates made by Grass for the 830 hinge series. The mounting plate locates the door left to right on the cabinet. It's important to order the correct mounting plate so the door is aligned properly The wrong plate will cause the doors to overlap or have large gaps between.

In this picture, you will be able to see the different styles of plates and what they look like so you can ensure you are purchasing the correct ones. You will be able to compare your mounting plate identification number to the picture. If you are still unsure of what you need, you can receive help from HingeMeister by emailing

Each cabinet hinge size and style vary by identification number. Some come with three screw holes and some come with just two. Please ensure you are confirming that the hardware you buy is the correct hardware, so we can get your cabinets working again as soon as possible.

You can shop all these products on our website and get a working hinge or mounting plate to match your current broken or damaged one.

All old hinges will go through our refurbishing cycle detailed below.

We separate the usable from the unusable hinges. The springs and pressure pins are salvaged from the unusable hinges. The usable are cleaned in a solvent with rust inhibitors and inspected for operation. Springs and pressure pins are replaced as needed. A high-quality grease is applied to pivot pin, pressure pin and spring ends. The hinges are tested again for operation before final approval. Only 1/3 of the hinges make it through testing and are listed on HingeMeister.

Most hinges and mounting plates have the mounting plate identification number visible along the edge, some do not. If your plate's not shown and you can't find a part number, send a photo to so we can quickly find your plate number and get you the products you need to fix your cabinets!


 Grass 830 hinge




Grass 830-3 Hole hinge

The 830-3 hole Grass hinges are one of the first hidden face frame hinges.  They are over 30 years old and have an unusual drilling pattern.  There is no replacement available that fit the existing screw holes in the door.  The large 35mm "cup" hole is standard for all Grass 830 hinges.  The 830-3 hinges are very difficult to find so stock is always limited or out of stock.  

Since you are here for replacement options, I recommend my "Soft Close" replacement hinges as an alternative in case the 830-3 are out of stock. Choose the soft close option that matches the mounting plate on your cabinets.  The popular replacement choices are 830-09 and 830-37.  It's important to order the proper replacement that matches your mounting plate.


Grass 839 series hinges

839 Grass hinges have the product number under the flat plate attached to the cabinet frame.  You need to remove the door from the cabinet to see the number.  See the photo below for the location of the official Grass product number.  Some 839 hinges have numbers stamped in the bottom of the hinge "cup".  The numbers may be 839 with 06 below it.  That is not the correct hinge  number since that same hinge "cup" was used for 3 different hinges.

Also, the 839-04 and 839-27 hinges have the number 830 under the hinge "cup".  Again, that number is a fake-out.  The correct number is under the flat plate.