We buy Old Grass and Mepla hinges

We will buy your old discontinued Grass or Mepla hinges.

Prices vary depending on the hinge style and condition.

Send a few photos to ernie@hingemeister.com.  Include the quantity of the hinges and the condition - complete, working, broken or missing parts.  I'll get back with a quote.  If you accept the quote, I'll email a prepaid mailing label to be printed and attached to the package.  Payment will be made by check or Venmo.

We don't accept hinges currently in production.  Only old discontinued hinges.

Here are some examples of the hinges we are seeking:

Grass 820 hinge:

Grass 820 hinge


Grass 830 hinges:

830-3 Hinge


Grass 839 hinges:

Grass 839 Hinge


Mepla ACC Hinges

Mepla Hinge

Mepla ACC140 or 511.243.01.92 or 699.243.59.00 or 697.043.59.00

Mepla Hinge

Mepla Face frame