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Grass 820 Suggested replacement Soft close hinge - Sold in pairs

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$12.95 USD
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$12.95 USD


820 Soft Close Replacement hinges - Requires plugging and drilling all holes in the door.  It is recommended to hire a cabinet maker or very good handyman to install the hinges.

Sold by the pair (2 hinges per package)


The 820 is a unique hinge and nearly impossible to find. I don't think parts from todays hinges are remotely close to it. The 820 hinge is turning into the holy grail of hinges. When it's out of stock, I'm afraid the only solution is to fill the 35mm hole with a wood plug and switch over to a modern hinge. You need a face mount hinge like my 830-09 Soft Close hinge, not an edge mount. The location of the new 35mm hole is critical. It's normally 2mm in from the edge of the door depending on the hinge manufacturer. My suggestion is to find a cabinet maker or very good handyman to fill and drill the holes for you.


Special Offer for a limited time!  

Buy 5 or more pairs of Soft Close Replacement hinges and get a 50% refund to your method of payment when you send back an equal amount your old Grass hinges and mounting plates.  For your convenience, a return shipping label and details will be included in the package.

Example: You by 10 pair of Soft close hinges at let's say $100.00 total.  You send back your old 820 hinges, when the hinges are received, I'll refund 50% of the $100.00 = $50.00.  If you don't have the 10 pair to send back, I'll prorate the rebate for the hinges I receive.